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Let Today Be About You

Release, Relax, Unwind


Jacqueline Worthen

Licensed Massage Therapist


Let Today Be About You

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We have been asked our whole lives what we want to do when we grow up. I have never had to second guess myself on my true and honest desire to help others in some way. Looking back on everything that I was able to accomplish, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist is the thing that I am the most pleased with. I knew from the age of 12, when I woke up on Christmas morning to a beautiful dark blue heated massage table that my life would never be the same. I could help so many people. Now, much in depth studying and years later, my dreams of having my own practice has finally come true!

I have the ability to take my time with each client in order to create treatment plans that best suit your needs for the best results. I can't wait to begin a healing, relaxing, breathe easy treatment journey with you. 

"Nurturing yourself is not selfish - it's essential to your survival and your well being."

Renee Peterson Trudeau


 This session comes in four different time

availabilities to better assist your needs and coincide with your schedule. Swedish massage is a relaxing modality that works well with most body stressors.  All sessions are finished with a complementary hot towel.


30 minute - $35.00

60 minute - $70.00

90 minute - $100.00

120 minute - $135.00


Add on a 25 minute Acu-Facial to assist in improving skin tone, blood circulation and metabolism between dermal layers. The acupressure points focused on in this session will assists in releasing congested areas creating healthy, beautiful skin while freeing the skin's natural glow.

During the session you will experience Gua Sha stones to help release tight facia and decrease puffiness in the face and decollete.


25 minute - $35.00

Add on $25.00  

This is a session in which hot stones are place over the body and used to penetrate the dermal and muscle layers with calming heat. The stones are worked into the muscles to release deep tension and increase circulation. To finish, a hot towel is placed around the neck, followed by stretching and elongating the neck to encourage correct placement of the head and spine.

$15 add on

Prenatal Massage


When you are pregnant you body goes through so much. Now lets take time for mama! That is why this session is so much less then other sessions. You deserve this time.

During this session I work the areas that are most affected by pregnancy. Hips, feet, lower back, shoulders, neck and so much more. So often moms are always thinking of others. This is the opportunity to take care of you.

This session can also be helpful at the end of pregnancy to encourage the onset of labor, if your body is ready.

60 minutes - $60.00

Pre event therapies consist of stretching that will not over work the muscle but warm them up just enough to increase performance and reduce risk of injury.

15 minute - $15.00

Post event is a great way to limit soreness after an event. In moving lactic acid from the muscle layers you decrease recovery time between event to get you up and training for your next undertaking.

30 minute - $30.00


Oriental Hot Rocks

Large hot stones are applied to the back over a layer of towels. The stones are left for 15-20 minutes to allow the heat to penetrate the muscle tissue. Using heat in this way increased the depth I am able to work with less intensity. This option is wonderful for those with muscles that need a little extra encouragement to release 

          60 Minutes- $100.00
                  90 Minutes - $130.00



Cedar City, UT 84720

Tel: (435)704-1173

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